About Us

Established about 10 years ago, Galemco plays an important role in recycling, distributing and selling steel and metals. Based in Canada, Galemco is committed to meet customer’s expectations while constantly moving forward in a challenging economy.

Our major business is based on ferrous & nonferrous metals, including: New Steel – Scrap Metal – Ore & Other Commodities

Our Services

  • Import-Export
  • Trading operations
  • Logistics
  • Projects management

Our Markets

Over the past years, Galemco has developed strong relationships with domestic and international customers. Galemco is now a major supplier and distributor of new steel and scrap metals in North America, serving a wide range of leading actors in the steel industry. Meeting our standards in making steady deliveries and ensuring strict quality control in all our contracts built us a strong reputation.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:
Galemco is committed to provide high-quality, creative solutions in order to meet clients’ needs.

Our Vision:
Challenging to be a global key player in meeting the demand  for steel and metal of different companies.

Our Values:
Creativity, Global Perspective, Adaptability