Abrasion-resistant steel plates

New Steel
About This Product

Abrasion resistance is required in many components of construction equipment, industrial machinery, transportation equipment and mining machinery. Conventionally, special steel plates, high carbon steel plates or high tensile strength steel plates had been used in these parts. However, JFE Steel developed Japan’s first steel plate exclusively for abrasion resistance, and produces and sells this abrasion-resistant steel plate under the trade-name “JFE-EH (EVERHARD™).” In “JFE-EH,” the required hardness is realized by adjusting the contents of carbon and other special elements and applying a special heat treatment. “JFE-EH” is available in both the Standard Type and Alloy Type. Recently, JFE Steel developed “SP,” which has abrasion resistance of 500 grade or higher, and “LE” with excellent low temperature toughness. Both products have been highly evaluated by users. These products can make an important contribution to extending life, reducing weight and shortening repair time in all types of construction and industrial machinery.